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Self Motivation

What's all this about?

My Mountain Challenge is all about better Mental Health.  During September grab your family, friends or work colleagues and walk, climb or ride a mountain near you and share a picture when you conquer your mountain via our facebook page or using the hashtag #mymountainchallenge on other social media, That’s it!

There’s no fundraising, no sponsorship, no leaderboard, no logging, just you, your peeps, your mountain and conversation
We believe the key to good Mental Health is constantly working on your Mental Fitness. Many of us spend a lot of time and effort working on our physical fitness and our Mental Fitness is as important; it needs as much focus and attention.  We believe the keys to maintaining good Mental Fitness must include;
-    Physical Activity
-    Sleep
-    Social Connections and activities
-    Someone to talk to 

COVID-19 caused us to separate, to isolate and to avoid social contact.  We are encouraging everybody to reconnect and unite again with family, friends and work colleagues.  To rebuild and regain the bonds that we all need to maintain good Mental Fitness

All of us at times struggle in our lives as we struggle to conquer our own individual, metaphorical mountain, the My Mountain Challenge is to tackle a literal mountain with family, friends or work colleagues and to share your experience to encourage others around across the country and around the world
Above all else, the goal in all this and the key to better Mental Health is to simply have a conversation about Mental Health


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